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Introducing Echelon One

Designed to be all-electric from the ground up, Echelon One is a revolutionary improvement in regional aviation.

The first all-electric regional aircraft

Designed to transport 50 passengers

Using a blank-sheet approach, Echelon One is designed to be a radical step forward in aviation, enabling borderless travel with zero emissions.

40% reduction in Operating Costs

Electric flight offers a significant cost advantage over kerosene-powered aircraft, saving up to 40% of normal operations.

1000 km range

Echelon One offers a no-compromise mission envelope to all-electric range of 1000 km.

50 pax configuration

Echelon One is designed for commercial aviation, seating 50 passengers.

Low noise, zero emissions

Leveraging the advantage of all-electric flight, Echelon One operates at much lower noise levels.


Rapid turnaround guaranteed.

Whilst it's 100% electric, recharging the Echelon One takes no longer than refueling any other regular aircraft. All airports with a Venturi Recharge Station are capable of recharging Echelon One in 40 minutes.

Venturi is rolling out a network of ReCharge stations across Europe, and beyond.

About Venturi

Venturi is based at the YesDelft Incubator on the TU Delft Campus at the heart of aviation in the Netherlands. With a team of the brightest, most innovative Aerospace Engineers from across the globe, Venturi is cracking the code to enable all-electric flight.

Join us on our mission launch zero-emission commercial aviation.


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