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Revolutionising Aviation

Venturi’s mission is building a 100% electric regional commuter aircraft

Over the last decade air travel has almost doubled, and it is expected to double again coming decade. This growth is not without consequences on emissions and ultimately our climate. The time for radical innovation in aviation is needed now.

Venturi aims to complete its first airworthiness all-electric 50 PAX regional commuter aircraft, codename Echelon1, by 2029. Our aircraft will drive the 100% sustainable transformation of today’s regional aviation industry. In its wake Echelon1 will also significantly reduce flight operating cost, maintenance cost and noise pollution. In other words, we make aviation simpler, safer and cheaper.

The future of sustainable air travel is electric!

50 PAX

13228 lb payload

1000 km

540 nmi

500 km/h

270 kts

Transitioning aviation

Full electric Zero emission regional aircraft

Venturi’s Echelon1 will be world’s first full electric aircraft designed to seat 50 passengers (or payload: 6000 kg) a flight distance of 1000 km and at an average cruising speed of 500 km/h. With these metrics, Venturi’s aircraft will position itself in the commuter class regional aircraft segment, similar to that of the i.e. Fokker 50 & Embraer 145. Putting this into perspective shows that Venturi’s Echelon1 will be deployable for over 45% of world’s air routes and even 55% today’s airline flights.

Venturi’s Echelon1 will be designed using the latest developments in battery technology, energy efficient aerodynamic design, electric engine configuration & an all fly-by-wire flight control system

About us

Our story

In 2020 Venturi Aviation B.V. started its operations with a detailed business studie to the state of the union of commercial aviation. That same year Venturi received support from one of Europe’s largest tech incubators YES!Delft. With support of multiple students at Aerospace Engineering and guidance from the experts of YES!Delft, Venturi has ensured its first round of seed funding.

Venturi’s founders Jan Willem Heinen & Joost Dieben have a history in establishing multiple e-technology companies. Their latest experiences on e-mobility and battery technology combined with a deep passion for sustainable aviation has led them on the path of leaving behind and starting this new and ambitious venture.

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Venturi Aviation B.V.
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The Netherlands

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